quinta-feira, dezembro 02, 2004

Aquilo que nos une

There are those who say that a native will not speak to a white man. Error. No man will speak to his master; but to a wanderer and a friend, to him who does not come to teach or to rule, to him who asks for nothing and accepts all things, words are spoken by the camp-fires, in the shared solitude of the sea, in riverside villages, in resting- places surrounded by forests—words are spoken that take no account of race or colour. One heart speaks—another one listens; and the earth, the sea, the sky, the passing wind and the stirring leaf, hear also the futile tale of the burden of life.

in Karain: A Memory de Joseph Conrad

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Blogger Catritas disse...

Porque desconheço a citação e o escritor em causa apenas me ocorre dizer que, é certamente maior aquilo que nos une do que aquilo que nos separa.

5:27 da tarde  

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